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Having a clean home instantly elevates the quality of your life. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve so that you can focus on what is most important to you. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you realize that you need it the most. You are deserving of a clean and safe environment regardless of your current situation. We simply ask to be notified of safety hazards beforehand. 

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Routine Cleaning

Tailored to your home's needs daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly.

Start off with booking our deep cleaning services.

Book our recurring services.

Watch your home maintain its deep cleaned look. 

Enjoy your newfound freedom and more peaceful environment.

Rest assured that your home will be taken care of.

Routine cleanings of bathrooms include general dusting, cleaning, and sanitizing of:


Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers/shower doors

Vanity and sink

Mirrors and chrome fixtures (shined)

Floors cleaned/carpets vacuumed

Windowsills, ledges, and blinds dusted. Doors and door frames spot cleaned.

Routine cleanings of kitchens include general dusting, cleaning, and sanitizing of:

Counter tops

Outside of range hood Top and front of range

Drip pans or glass top surfaces

Sinks (chrome shined)

Exterior of all appliances

Floors vacuumed and damp mopped. Windowsills, ledges, and blinds dusted. Doors and door frames spot cleaned.

Deep Cleaning

We highly recommend a deep cleaning before any cleaning service to all of our clients in order to ensure optimal results. We consider ourselves experts in our field because of our attention to detail. It is easy to disregard certain things that need cleaning because they are out of sight but we believe that paying attention to these details is imperative for a clean and healthy space that is free of odors.



Here's an example of what a deep cleaning would look like for a bathroom: Tile grouting scrubbed, and floors are given extra attention.

Showers and baths are given extra elbow grease and attention to detail. Hard water gets taken care of. 

We look for bacteria growth and remove it. 

Doors and door frames hand wiped, and spot cleaned. Chrome is cleaned and shined.

Items on top of counters individually cleaned. Walls, fronts of cabinets, baseboards, and windowsills are hand wiped. Faucets, sinks, and drains cleaned with smaller brushes for crevices that are typically overlooked in your regular cleaning.

Occasional Cleaning

We typically begin with a deep cleaning and then visit occasionally so that your home or business does not fall short in cleanliness as time progresses. We work with you according to your budget and needs so that your business stays clean and does not get to the point of looking filthy. This could mean that we frequent your home or business bi-weekly, monthly, or even every couple of months. You get to decide.



Here's an example of what a regular cleaning for a kitchen would look like:

Inside of range hood, drip pans or glass top surfaces deep cleaned.

Doors, door frames, fronts of cabinets, baseboards and windowsills hand wiped. All items on surfaces individually cleaned, including but also not limited to appliances.

Living areas

Doors, door frames, furniture surfaces, baseboards, windowsills, and ledges hand wiped. Decorations individually cleaned. Furniture and upholstery vacuumed. Accessible floors under furniture vacuumed.

Routine cleanings of living areas include:

General dusting of: Picture frames, Ceiling fans, Lamp shades,Intricate items, Window sills, ledges, and blinds

Clean and sanitize hard surfaced and readily accessible floors (including stairs and empty closet floors): vacuumed and damp mopped

Doors and door frames spot cleaned



Doors, door frames, windowsills, ledges, furniture surfaces, and baseboards hand wiped. Decorations individually cleaned. Furniture and upholstery vacuumed. Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed.

Commercial Cleaning

Enhance the reputation of your business and invest in our deep cleaning service. The first impression can be the reason why people simply walk in and out of your business without lingering. We can often become nose blind to the odors in our businesses being that we are in them almost as often as we are at home. However, to a first-time customer, smell and cleanliness could mean everything to their reason for providing you with their business. Hiring us to clean your business would be beneficial and even crucial to maintaining or increasing your success. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of cleanliness and sanitation increased. A clean and properly sanitized business could be the reason why customers come to you rather than to your competitors. We often hear about customers not returning to a business when they do not see proper sanitation practices in place. However, we could provide you with that.

Maintain your property value

Attract and maintain more customers

Save time and money


One-time Deep Cleaning

This includes everything in the routine cleaning with added attention to every detail. This includes the walls, the windows, and any other areas you may need addressed. This could be the reason why your business succeeds. There are many businesses that offer exceptional services, but the cleanliness of their businesses could be holding them back from growing clientele. You may only need us to come in once and then we can provide you with tips and a cleaning schedule to maintain the appearance of your business. You get to decide.

Welcome Home Baby Cleaning

This service is offered to families who need to come home to a clean and tidy home when welcoming their babies into the world. It is often given as a baby shower present. Becoming a parent is stressful enough without needing to worry about having a clean home. Pricing varies depending on the services requested, but we are willing to work with your budget because we acknowledge the importance of having a clean home for your children regardless of the price. This service helps you clean and tidy your home so that you have everything you need easily accessible for the arrival of your newborn.

Eco friendly and steam cleaning options are available.

We use non toxic cleaning products as often as possible

We avoid products with ammonia, petroleum or alcohol.

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