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  • Do you have a system in place for your cleaning rags?
    Yes, we are strict about our system and will use disposable towels first to wipe off excessive grime. Although eco friendliness is important to us, your safety and the safety of our employees will always come first. We always use disposable towels for toilets. You may even notice that we use a toilet wand with disposable pads because we prioritize safety. We often do not use reusable rags until we are doing the finishing touches. We separate our rags according to living spaces/ surfaces and wash them separately to prevent cross contamination.
  • Are your employees trained?
    All of our employees are interviewed and go through a rigorous training/onboarding process to ensure that their values align with our values. They are trained on safety and best cleaning practices. We want you to feel comfortable and safe with the people you welcome into your homes and businesses.
  • What is your Satisfaction Guaranteed Walkthrough?
    At the end of your cleaning, whether it’s residential or commercial, we have an option to do a final walkthrough where you can voice any concerns before stating that you are satisfied. You can decline our Satisfaction Guaranteed Walkthrough but we highly recommend it after your first time working with us so that we can make sure we do not miss anything you would like addressed. We acknowledge that hiring a cleaning company is an investment so we want you to address any ideas or thoughts so that you feel like your investment was worthwhile and you feel comfortable enough to continue working with us. However, if you do not have time to be there for the final walkthrough, rest assured with the quality of our work because we have a team dedicated to quality assurance.
  • I have a security system in my home. How can we make it work?
    We ask that you please provide us with the code and steps necessary for us to turn off the alarm. We can reset the alarm when we leave. Alternatively, you can disable it on the day of your scheduled cleaning.
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